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Contracts and Agreements 
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Business Contract and Agreements Attorney Safeguarding Your Rights

Protecting your interests

Throughout Santa Ana, Irvine and Orange, California and Riverside and San Bernardino counties, Invictus Law, P.C. helps our business clients succeed with our contracts and agreements services. We represent businesses engaged in e-commerce, affiliate marketing, manufacturing and distribution, apparel and real estate.

Contracts and agreements are the lifeblood of any business. And, especially with Internet and e-commerce businesses, nondisclosure agreements, noncompete agreements and severance agreements are crucial to the protection of your intellectual property, customer data and business relationships. Backed by our in-depth knowledge of business law, we work to ensure that your rights are protected to avoid legal issues down the road.

Handling a variety of business contracts and agreements

Our business lawyers at Invictus Law, P.C. assist you with a wide spectrum of contracts and agreements for every phase of business operations, including business formation, and mergers and acquisitions. We are well versed in drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of business contracts and agreements.

We routinely handle the following:

  • Nondisclosure agreements. A nondisclosure agreement protects your company’s proprietary information when you’re hiring employees and engaging vendors or other contractors. It is a legally binding contract. The use of a nondisclosure agreement is commonplace in the high-tech industry, where every invention, every idea and every bit of information provides a competitive edge.
  • Noncompete agreements. Once reserved for executive hiring, noncompete agreements have become more deeply ingrained and can protect an established or fledgling business’s trade secrets and customer information. In California, most noncompete agreements are not enforceable by law, but there are exceptions. We can advise you on the best ways to safeguard your business while enabling you to hire the best talent available.
  • Severance agreements. A severance agreement between employer and employee is a contract that specifies the terms of termination, layoff and separation. It generally offers consideration, such as a lump sum payment of a percentage of the employee’s annual salary, to waive the right to sue.
  • Settlement agreements. We can document agreements between parties to pending litigation.
  • Licensing agreements. Licensing agreements are crucial in the high-tech industry. Our attorneys can craft software, branding and other licensing agreements to protect your ideas, trademarks, market position and revenue.
  • Manufacturing and distribution agreements. Especially when you’re starting up your company, striking agreements for manufacturing and distribution could be key to your success. Our business law attorneys draft and negotiate these agreements.
  • Franchise agreements. Buying a franchise could present a viable opportunity, but the franchise agreement from the franchisor could be complicated. We can review the contract, explain your obligations and identify risks.

If disputes arise, we have the experience to handle your business litigation needs.

Get legal assistance with business contracts and agreements for every phase of your operations

Invictus Law, P.C. helps e-commerce, affiliate marketing, manufacturing and distribution, apparel and real estate businesses reach success through legally sound contracts and agreements. Call us at (949) 287-5711 or use our online contact form to arrange for your free initial consultation. We have offices in Santa Ana and Ontario, California to serve you.

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