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Toxic Exposure & California Workers’ Compensation

Experienced California workers’ compensation attorney helping workers get benefits for illness caused by toxic exposure in Orange County and the Inland Empire

Workplace injuries come in many forms, and they are not always caused by falls, getting struck by objects, electrocution or getting caught or crushed in between machinery and equipment. Workers can be injured by temporary or chronic exposure to solvents, chemicals, metals and other toxic irritants. This exposure can cause respiratory infections, skin ailments, eye damage, cancer and worse. California workers’ compensation law firm Invictus Law provides you with a skilled and aggressive Orange County workers’ compensation attorney who will fight to get you benefits for harm caused by toxic exposure in the workplace.

California employers should protect employees from toxic exposure

Employees anywhere can be subjected to toxic exposure and the ill effects such exposure can cause. That said, workers in some professions are at a higher risk for toxic exposure than others. Leading workplaces where toxic exposure is likely to take place include:

  • Machine shops
  • Dry cleaners
  • Welding or metalwork industries
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Construction renovation or demolition, particularly of older structures that may contain asbestos or lead paint

It’s important to note that toxic exposure may affect all employees in a shop and not just those workers on the shop floor working directly with toxic chemicals, metals, or solvents. Even office workers may be affected when working in a building housing chemicals or industrial cleaners, or if water damage has produced mold that has not been remediated.

Employers are required to provide their workers with necessary safety equipment such as gloves, protective eyewear, respirators and protective clothing as applicable. Workplaces may also need to have shower facilities or eye wash stations to deal with emergency exposures of dangerous substances, as well as adequate ventilation in all affected workspaces. All relevant employees should be trained in safety practices regarding the toxic substances on site, and employers should schedule frequent rotation of workers to avoid prolonged exposure to any one employee.

OSHA agrees about dangers of toxic exposure

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards in place regarding chemical hazards and toxic substances. Workers must be given notice of specific chemicals they may be exposed to and any potential harmful effects they bring. OSHA standards also set limits regarding acceptable exposure amounts. Moreover, employers are instructed to find substitutes to using harmful chemicals when they can or find other engineering solutions (such as keeping chemicals enclosed or sequestered) to avoid unnecessarily exposing employees to harmful levels of toxic chemicals.

Watch out for these signs of toxic exposure on the job

If you experience any of the following at work after exposure to toxic substances, you may want to see a doctor and find out if you need medical treatment:

  • Stinging or burning in the eyes or lungs
  • Trouble breathing
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Skin irritations and rashes
  • Irregular heartbeat

By filing a workers’ compensation claim, your medical care will be paid for, along with wage replacement if you have to miss work due to illness or injury. Proving that your injury was caused by toxic exposure on the job can be difficult, however. Employers may claim that you were injured at home or that their chemicals are safe and handled properly and could not have caused the illness or injury. An experienced California workers’ compensation lawyer from Invictus Law, P.C. will vigorously pursue your case, establishing and arguing the facts that prove the merits of your workers’ compensation claim.

Get Help with Toxic Exposure Claims in Orange County and Inland Empire from an Experienced California Workers’ Compensation Attorney

For help getting the care and compensation you need after a harmful toxic exposure at work in Orange County or Inland Empire, call Invictus Law, P.C. in Orange or Ontario at 949-287-5711 or 888-9-WORKLAW for a free consultation with a skilled, knowledgeable and effective California workers’ compensation lawyer.

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