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Future Medical Treatment Under California Workers’ Compensation Claims

When you suffer a serious injury on the job in California, your mind is on the immediate costs you’ll face, such as lost pay from time spent off-work recovering and costs related to a visit to the emergency room or doctor’s office right after your injury. The costs you may not be considering—or may not know how to calculate—are the costs of treating your injury months or even years down the road. If a workers’ compensation insurer makes an offer to settle your claim for a lump sum, you could end up with far less than you’ll need to treat your injury down the road but will have released your right to file a claim for more compensation in the future.

A California workers’ compensation attorney can provide critical support for injured workers who will need medical care for their injuries for months or years into the future. These injury victims often need the help of a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that they not only understand how much they can expect to pay in medical expenses related to their injuries over their lifetime but also to help them obtain the settlement they’re owed from insurers.

The board-certified workers’ compensation attorney at Invictus Law will use decades of experience to get you the compensation for future medical treatment that you deserve under California’s workers’ compensation laws. Contact our offices as soon as possible after a workplace injury to determine your best course of action after an on-the-job injury in Southern California.

How are costs for future medical treatment handled in California workers’ compensation claims?

Workers who get hurt on the job have a right to coverage of medical care related to their injuries for as long as they need it, or until they reach maximum medical improvement. An important step in a workers’ compensation claim is determining what you can expect to face in future medical expenses. Calculating these costs often involves considering whether you’ll need rehabilitation therapy, prescription drugs, surgical procedures, or medical equipment in the future, as well as how your injury is likely to progress in the future, and your likely life expectancy.

Workplace injury victims can choose to settle their case with a stipulation of award or through a compromise and release of claims. If victims choose a stipulation of award, they’ll receive coverage for future medical expenses related to their workplace injury from the employer’s provider network. If the worker chooses to release their claims and take a lump sum, then they will no longer have a right to seek coverage of their medical expenses. Workers should never accept to settle and release their claims until they feel confident that they understand the future medical costs they’ll face. Having an experienced attorney representing you in a workers’ compensation case means that you have an additional safeguard against receiving less than you deserve in a settlement. A seasoned Orange and Ontario workers’ compensation lawyer at Invictus Law knows how to calculate what your claim is worth and will help you avoid settling for less than you need. Contact our dedicated and effective California workers’ compensation lawyer today for a consultation on your case.

Southern California Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you need effective and aggressive legal help with a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in southern California, contact the Orange County and Inland Empire offices of Invictus Law for a free consultation at 949-287-5711.

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