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Why You Need A Workers Comp Lawyer In California


Are you aware what benefits you are entitled to from workers’ compensation insurance when you are injured at work? Does it matter who is at fault with the Injury? Can you see any doctor, or are you limited to the doctors you can see? There are questions that people have when they get injured at work, and it’s essential to make sure that you are getting everything you are supposed to. Having a workers comp attorney in your corner will help make that happen.

Employer Won’t Report Injury

When you have an accident at work and sustain an injury, your employer needs to fill out some paperwork and report the accident. Not only that, but you need to fill out details of the accident as well using the Workers’ Compensation Claim Form. This Workers’ Compensation form is to be completed and turned into the insurance company, and if they don’t do that, you can’t obtain benefits. Should this happen, you need legal representation to ensure that quick action is taken.

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You Were Fired After The Workplace Injury

Being fired after you sustain a workplace injury is illegal in California. You do have legal recourse should you be fired for being injured at work. Additionally, you can’t be mistreated because of the injury. You would do several items when dealing with a workplace injury, and if you are fired or mistreated because of these actions, you should quickly seek legal representation. Activities such as announcing your intent to file a workers’ compensation claim, submitting a work comp claim to your employer, getting a disability rating from a doctor, or other actions.

The Company Is Dragging Its Feet On Paying Benefits

Maybe your employer keeps telling you that your benefits will be coming, but nothing seems to be moving forward. You should speak with an attorney about things and have them help you to get things moving along. It would help if you did not have to wait any longer than is necessary for your benefits, and your attorney will help make the wait shorter. There are laws in place that would penalize employers and insurance companies who do not work diligently to get you the benefits you deserve.

Your Employer Is Refusing To Pay Anything

When you are injured at work, regardless of who was actually at fault, you are due compensation in various ways. These include medical care, temporary disability resulting in wages paid while unable to work, reimbursement due to the total loss of function (otherwise known as a permanent disability), job retraining benefits if you cannot return to your previous job mileage for attending medical treatments. If any of these are not happening, you need legal representation as soon as possible.

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You Have Not Received Disability Benefits

You might be receiving the medical care for your Injury that you are required to get, but you may not be receiving disability benefits to cover your lost wages. You are supposed to receive a portion of your wages if you cannot work, even if you can use but not as many hours as you were before the Injury. Both of these are required for you, and if you are not receiving them, you should reach out to a workers’ comp attorney quickly to make sure things get corrected.

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You Aren’t Sure You Are Getting All The Benefits You Are Entitled To

Do you know all of the benefits you are entitled to when you have a workplace injury? The truth is that most employees do not know all of the services that they qualify for, and some may not realize that they are supposed to get benefits at all. While insurance companies and your employer should be making sure you get what you deserve, you also need to ensure that things are being done correctly. If you think you aren’t getting everything you should with your benefits, contact an attorney to review items.

Your Employer Will Not Offer You Alternative Work After Being Released Back To Work

You might be in a position where your doctor tells you that you can’t go back to your previous job. You need some way to earn a living, but you can only do modified or alternative work due to the doctor’s restrictions. If your employer can’t or won’t offer you alternative work that you can do, you may be eligible for a retraining voucher, which would allow you to go to a vocational or trade school to learn a new line of work. If your employer’s work comp insurance company refuses to provide this voucher, you need to consult an attorney.

The Employer’s Doctor Says You Can Go Back To Work When You Are Not Comfortable Doing So

Though your doctor might indicate that you can go back to work, you may not feel that it is best to do so quite yet. You might reinjure yourself or make conditions worse, going back to work too soon. You can go after a second opinion from another doctor, but there is a specific way that you have to go about doing this. It is beneficial to have an attorney guide you on this process to ensure that you do things the way they need to be done for the second opinion.

You Have Problems Communicating With The Employer’s Doctor

When you are injured at your work, you may only have a limited selection of doctors available to treat you. This is because your employer or the work comp insurance company has a medical provider network (MPN), and you have to choose a doctor from within that network. But you may feel like the doctor you have does not seem to care about your well-being, or you don’t get along with them. You may be able to change your doctor, but it can be difficult, and the help of an attorney can make a difference in the care you receive.


You Have Been Offered A Lump Sum Settlement

Your employer or their insurance company might offer you a lump sum as a way to settle your claim, especially if you have a permanent disability. It is essential to understand if the offer you receive is appropriate for your disability or if you are being offered a low-ball amount. Additionally, you will need to know if you are giving up future medical care and other benefits by accepting their offer. Having the experience of an attorney will make a lot of difference.

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Wrap Up

No one wants to be injured on the job, but you need to know what you are entitled to if you are. While things might go precisely as they should, sometimes not everything happens that way. In those cases, it is suggested to seek a workers’ comp attorney’s help to help ensure that you get the benefits that you are entitled to and that you aren’t short-changed along the way.

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